about //a little background, and a summary of services


Dennis Menheere is a regular guy, living in a small Dutch town called Goes. He enjoys listening to music, having a laugh with his friends and eating vast amounts of unhealthy foods. Nothing unusual.
Growing up surrounded by comic books and cartoons, Dennis decided, at an early age, to pick up the ol' pencil and paper to try and learn the art of.. well.. art!
Years of tedious practice and a perpetual venture to maintain a distinctive style in the saturated world of young artists have transformed his zeal for art in to what is quite possible the most sought after goal of all time; being able to turn a hobby into a job!

Company Services


Editing video and sound has been a long-time staple of dnz-artworks. Ranging from sound-engineering, scoring short films, gathering, recording and implementing sound effects, the whole shabang. This includes adding typography for your video, synchronising sound and images, even creating original footage for your video. It can also be a title card, or a sleak credit sequence, for instance.


All of these categories simply can't sum up all of the available services. Customers have also included requests for tatoo designs, charicatures, portraits, comci books, pinball machines, dungeons and dragons characters, t-shirt designs, matte paintings as backgrounds, bodypaint, fan-art, music production, guitar paintjobs, car paintjobs, magazine covers, and so on, and so on.

If you have any questions regarding rates, commisions and the like, please feel free to contact me at dennis@dnz-artworks.com